“Most purchase decisions are made at the shelf level. Your package has less than seven seconds to create a strong “WANT” in your customer’s mind.”

At (Beresford Accurate Folding Carton) BA Folding Cartons we create packaging with standout power. With a combination of skill, experience and innovative design, the BA team can create tailor made solutions for each client’s specific packaging needs.

Don’t leave the protection of your product to chance. Trust the skilled members of the BA family to create the perfect package for you!



Our Mission

We will work each day to improve our community through the protection of the environment and the support of job growth in the manufacturing sector.


Our Vision

BA Folding Cartons is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers through innovative processes produced in a safe environment. We will help create opportunities for success for all of the people whose lives we impact. To have a significant and lasting impact on our community we will double our size every 5 years.

Our Values

At BA Folding Cartons, we are so proud of our 100-year legacy and are excited for our future.


  • Value our team and ensure that we operate in a safe work environment
  • Are respectful of all the people that make up our broader community
  • Make fact based and timely decisions in an open and honest work environment
  • Are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Are proud of our actions and how they reflect on us as individuals and as a team